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Why AmeriStall?

If you’re the kind of person that sees not only a horse barn, but a dream being established… You truly feel more at home in your barn than in your house… And, you have a deep appreciation for a new standard in quality and safety for your horses… Then, we know you’ll feel right at home in your new AmeriStall Horse Barn.

At AmeriStall, we’re horse people and the way we build our horse barn shows it.

Our passion shows in our careful attention to detail and we use the finest quality materials to construct the kind of horse barn we’d be proud to use for our own horses—simply the best.

Our Barn Design is Distinctive and Stylish. So, whether you’re looking for an Equestrian Event Center, Riding Arena, or Horse Barn Kits… We are your barn builder of choice. Our barns are tough—easily standing up to whatever a horse (or Mother Nature) wants to dish out. And, we offer a wide variety of features that other barn manufacturers simply don’t offer.

Take a minute or two, look around our site and please keep in mind that we are uploading new projects weekly.

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