What We Learned as a Team in 2015

Contributed by: Julie Steck

The Stecks

The Stecks

And just like that, 2015 is over and 2016 is here!

With it, it brings reflections from the days past and goals for the days to come.

Diligence is the word that marked 2015 for the Steck Family, and Adam has a scar to prove it. When we returned from Kenya in June, my husband immediately set out on a remodel project, adding a room onto our house.


As most remodels go, what you see is not what you get. What Adam planned on being a quick summer project drug on almost until the last day of 2015.  But the results? Well, look for yourself…

Adam has always had a goal to make a remodel not look like a remodel. He went to great lengths to ensure the new styles and colors tied together well with the old ones. He didn’t want this room sticking out like it was some afterthought and haphazardly thrown together on a whim.


So it may have taken longer and involved more time and money than first expected, but we are delighted with the results.

Of course, diligence doesn’t stop on December 31. Adam will continue to employ the lessons learned in 2015 throughout 2016.


A couple days into this New Year and a spiked water bill came in the mail, catching Adam’s attention. As he looked through the records, he noticed the past couple months were higher than normal. He checked the water meter outside and discovered the water company had recently put in a new digital reader.

So, naturally, he figured the numbers must be off. He went down to the water company office to report the faulty meter. As it turned out, it wasn’t the water meter’s fault. A leaky toilet was to blame.

Usually you hear a leaky toilet, so Adam flipped on the light in the bathroom to investigate. That’s when he heard the fan. When you flip the light on, it simultaneously turns the fan on, too. So, he couldn’t hear the water leak.

Adam told his team on a weekly conference call, "Sometimes, in business, racket is going on around you – the fan is on – and you don’t notice the valuables that are leaking until your bill shows up with numbers you didn’t expect. You can blame it on the water company, but the water was leaking from right under your nose the whole time."


To help fix that water leak, Adam set goals.

He says, “It’s easy to hit the goals you never set.”

He encourages his Team to be intentional this year and set their own goals.

“Don’t just let life happen to you.”

Here at Ameristall, our goal is to manufacture quality products, offer superb customer service, while being accurate and building strong relationships. From customer quotes to internal billing, from the trim shop to work orders, we strive to be accurate and reliable, building products you can trust.

We want to grow better in this area before growing bigger.

Honor God. Build Dreams. Spread Joy.

Happy 2016!


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