Shed Row Stall Barn

Contributed by: Johnny Kerby

This is a 24' x 48' One Row Open-Side Horse Barn.

It features 2 stalls, 1 tack room, and an open area for tractor or other equipment. 


What makes this a One Row Barn is the 10' side wall and the 12" overhang on all sides. 

We opened up the side wall and took off the sliding doors on the end wall. 

This particular barn features:

  • Ash Gray Walls 
  • Galvalume Roof 
  • Black Trim 
  • (2) Dutch Doors 
  • (2)Windows in the Tack Room
  • (2) Swing-Out Feeder 
  • Cupola

Sometimes, less is more. The Shed Row horse barn is a beautiful option for limited space. 

Would you prefer a smaller barn?