Commercial, Residential or Multi-Purpose

Contributed by: Jennifer Riley

As Southwest Metal Systems, our experience reaches far beyond just Horse Barns. Our team is seasoned in commercial, residential, and multi-purpose facilities. 

Here are a few of our most recent projects. 



This is a 46 x 96 x 12' 6" Commercial Storefront Metal Building. It includes EIFS Stucco Siding, Earth Tones, Light Stone Cap Trim, and Exterior Awnings.  We built the building and had the black awnings installed. EIFS Stucco Siding is a very popular "Exterior Insulated Finishing System" we are seeing a lot more of. We work with you to get the look you desire and guarantee a quality you can trust.

Golf Car Ranch, LLC

Golf Car Ranch, LLC

“...Definitely one of the wisest decisions I’ve made was to trust Johnny and the Team at Southwest with my new building. I highly recommend them for any metal building project you may need. They handled every aspect of the project from start to finish. All of the subcontractors performed flawlessly. Please come and take a tour of our fine facility and see for yourself.


Steve, Golf Car Ranch L.L.C. Owner


This is a 40 x 50 x 12 Residential Shop with a 4:12 Roof Pitch, (1) 16 x 10 overhead door and (1) 10 x 10 overhead door. It also includes a 36 x 36" cupola.

To learn more about Leland's Residential Shop, click HERE.

Leland's Residential Shop

Leland's Residential Shop

I want you all to know that Andrew did an EXCELLENT job with this project.

- Leland

Multi-Purpose Buildings & Shops

This shop is 30 x 45 with 2:12 Roof Pitch. It includes a white roof, red walls,  and white trim with (2) 12 x 10 Doors. Click HERE to Learn More.

I am so happy with my shop. I would refer you guys to anybody.” - Proud Owner

Which Type of Building or Facility Do You Need? 

                              Johnny, Project Manager

                              Johnny, Project Manager

We are proud to offer more than horse barns, and we are even happier to help develop your dream from the very beginning.

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