Bringing Integrity Back to the Building Process

Since 2003, our goal has been to bring integrity back to the building process.

Southwest Metal Systems began as a metal supply company as a result of not receiving the service we needed out of the suppliers in the market. Born out of that problem was a desire to provide superior products, valuable solutions, and quality customer service to those looking to build a steel building or horse barn.

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But what does integrity mean and how does it apply to steel buildings?

Integrity comes from the root word integer, which means a whole number. It’s a number that is not a fraction. Integrity indicates something is complete in itself rather than broken or divided.

So we desire to bring wholeness to the building process both structurally in the buildings we fabricate and internally with our Team Members.

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We seek to do this in 3 ways: through our world-class design and detailing, in-house fabrication and personal Project Managers.

Our design and detail team enables us to customize your barn to fit your unique need. Most of our barns aren’t cookie-cutter designs. We want to hear the purpose and dream behind your project so we can customize something that will exceed your expectations every time you walk through the door.

By fabricating materials in-house we have the ability to bring your customizations to life without losing control of the quality.

And it’s all made possible by our personal Project Managers. They work with you from the time you contact us until the project is completed. They are your sole contact person, eliminating confusion as to who to call throughout the building process.

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But bringing integrity back to the building process is more than building strong horse barns. It’s also about building strong people. 

President Adam Steck says, 

“Our Company is made up of individuals. The integrity of our company equals the sum of the integrity of those individuals. We speak to life issues here - individual character matters. I desire to see us be people of integrity first. A company of integrity will naturally follow. A company of integrity has no fraction in them. I don’t view our people as money makers. I view them as God sees them with their own wants, needs and desires. How can I help fulfill the team members' wants, needs, and dreams as they help fulfill them for our customers?”

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Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching you.

If you’re looking to build a solid building or horse barn with integrity, we love to partner with you! The first step is to click Start the Conversation below. On that page is a form for you to fill out that gives us information about your project. Depending on your location we will then have a Project Manager contact you.