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Contributed by: Jennifer Riley

Valerie Mellema has been a contributor for the AmeriStall Blog for quite some time now and we always appreciate the insight and expertise she brings to the table. We thought it would be a great idea to compile her most popular contributions in one place so you can come back to them time and time again! 

We hope you find these links helpful. Enjoy!

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Some of Valerie's Most Popular Posts...

Be a Healthy Horseman 

As equestrians and horsemen, it’s our natural tendency to think of our horse’s health and fitness level first. We’re constantly monitoring their body condition and their feed regimen. We add supplements as needed and try to ensure ample turnout and exercise. But what about us?

Hauling a Mare and Foal

There are a few different options for hauling mare and foal together depending on the type of trailer you have. Valerie talks about those options here.

10 Tips for Showing Alone

What do you do when your husband isn’t horsey and you really want to show? Oh, and you can’t afford to hire a personal groom? Go show alone!

Planning Your Horse's Training Schedule

Valerie includes a Sample Hunter Jumper Training Schedule and a Sample Cutting Horse Training Schedule. 

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