Randy's Hangar & Mini Horse Barn

Over the years, Randy has been a faithfully returning customer. From building his auto body shop 15 years ago, to his private helicopter hangar, and then to his raised center aisle barn for miniature horses.

Randy's Helicopter Hangar

Manufactured by Southwest Metal Systems, our Metal buildings are made with red-iron and feature an I-beam mainframe--designed to offer clear span architecture. This construction allows for efficient use of interior space, with no internal columns. All of our metal buildings roof, wall, and trim sheets are 26 gauge, and have a 40-year limited warranty to protect against weathering, rust, and discoloration. 

Hangar and Straight Gable Shop

Randy decided to put living quarters in his hangar/shop providing a place to host family and friends during the holidays and on special occasions. Here is another post about one of our residential facilities, Leland's Residential Shop.

Randy's Miniature Horse Barn

Randy's RCA barn is a 36' x 24' x 10' raised center aisle with (3) 12' x 12' stalls and (1) tack room with classic style. Some of the other options he chose were UV-Resistant Skylights, (2) 12 x 9 double sliding doors, (3) Dutch doors leading out to the paddock, Wainscoting, and a cupola. 

A concrete footing was chosen in case Randy decides to landscape or put up fencing in the future. 

In the photo below, you will see custom stall fronts for the miniature horses. This truly makes the barn a custom miniature horse barn. We do not recommend using these grills for full-size horses, but changing the stall fronts to accommodate a full-size horse is as easy as removing a few bolts. 

To see details on another Miniature Horse Barn, please visit "Moore's Customized Miniature Horse Barn".

We're excited to hear what you're dreaming up. 

Which custom options are you considering for your metal barn or building?