Gibson's Paddock

Contributed by: Johnny Kerby

This is a 12' x 36' x 9' Paddock Shelter. It includes three 3' x 3' swing-out stall windows with stylish cross-buck trim. Ash gray panels were used with black trim & a galvalume roof. 

This project features 26 gauge sheets with 40-year limited warranty roof, wall and trim sheets. The customer chose to have 4' kick panel on all interior walls.


The customer chose to have a 6' overhang. This is an addition based on the customer's preference. 

Johnny Kerby , Project Manager

Johnny Kerby, Project Manager


"It's so interesting to talk to folks about their ideas and what they would like to have.  Everyone has a different outlook on how they want to it to be. To all of you thinking about building a barn, we would love to hear from you and walk with you through the process of planning your DREAM barn. Whether it is a 40-stall or a 2-stall, we want to see your dream happen."      - Johnny

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