What Diligence Really Looks Like

Contributed By: Adam and Julie Steck


That’s the word Ameristall’s owner, Adam Steck, heard back in January as he prayed about what 2015 had in store.

Adam typically gets an idea or a picture to keep in mind for the year, but this one word was an overpowering presence. Not an emotion or feeling, but a “REMEMBER THIS. You’re gonna need this anchor to endure what I’m tasking you to do.”

Honestly, diligence made sense. Our family was entertaining the idea of moving to Kenya. If you’ve read my previous post, Building What Matters: Jambo From Kenya - you know, God did not call us to Kenya, but confirmed He planted us right where He wanted us, in Mineola.

People ask, “How did you know so clearly God called you home?”

Well, here’s the story straight from my husband.

“One day, while my family had been fighting a stomach virus all week, I grabbed my Bible and notebook and headed off for some quiet time with the Lord. I opened up my books and God opened up a dialogue with me. I asked if He would guide this time and show me why He brought me 9000 miles from home. He led me to write down in my notebook all the things I was thankful for. As I wrote, pure gratitude swelled within me. I kept going, adding multiple items to this list. When I had written down everything I could think of, I bowed my head and thanked God for all those blessings He’s given to me.”

“Ok, Lord, what now?”, I asked.

The Lord responded, “You see all those areas you just wrote down? That is what I’ve called you to. Go Home!”

“Just like that I had a peace that He hadn’t called me to leave my home and become a missionary in Mombasa, Kenya. He’s called me to be a missionary in Mineola, Texas.”

Upon arriving home, that word Diligence was still as powerful to Adam as when we had left. Now, God had his attention. Adam started looking around at tasks left undone which would require supernatural diligence to complete. There were many, because for 2 years he had held off on major projects, not wanting to sink money into things we could be leaving behind.

There were things like:                                                                                                     

  • Remodeling the house
  • Unfinished school degrees
  • Getting the company out of debt

Adam heard from the Lord, This is what you are to be diligent in.”

Two months has passed now since our family has returned and not much about our life is the same.

“There is much God has asked me to be diligent in,” Adam says. “One of those is returning to college and finishing the last 30 hours of my degree.”

This decision has come basically out of the blue. We’re still not sure why he’s doing this, but I love watching Adam trust in the Lord and follow His lead.


The second diligence task is our house remodel.

This remodel has been in the plans for 3 years, but we just haven’t had the funds to complete it. The Lord provided a high school kid that had applied for a summer job at the shop, whom Adam instead took under his wing and mentored during this summer project. They have worked long, hot hours adding onto and remodeling our house.

But here’s the thing Adam says about this project: “I don’t have the energy for this remodel. I want to do this for my family, but more than that, it’s a God thing. I’m doing this because He’s asked me to. Yeah, I know how, but I don’t have the energy for the pace it requires. But God gave me the prompt before I started, “Trust me. Start. Watch and See.”

While Adam and his helper, Travis, were tearing off the old roof shingles before laying new metal down, Adam was working near the attic vent. He says,  “Like a dummy I didn’t have on my gloves because I planned to do one more run before getting down. I figured I’d just get them then. But then the shingle I grabbed zigged instead of zagged and slice, the metal from the vent filleted my hand open.”

That little cut looked like this and needed 9 stitches to close the gash.

A week later, Adam was finishing up laying metal on the front part of the roof and another dialogue with the Lord opened up.

“This scar is so you’ll remember this.”

Now, one thing you may not know about Adam is he has a bad memory. As he looked at his scar, he realized this was a mark of God’s grace. Through that scar God tattooed the lesson of Diligence on his hand. God knew he would need something to remember this year by. Though it hurt, it’s a precious, visible reminder of the process of diligence God has brought about in his life.

The process started in Kenya and continued through the house remodel of Adam saying, “Not my will Lord, but yours.”


And now, like a soldier’s battle wound, Adam has a testimony of God’s amazing provision when someone asks, “Hey, how’d you get that scar?”

The scripture tells us to give thanks in all situations. That’s hard! But if we’ll step back and ask Him how He plans to use this for His glory, He’ll show us.

Diligence. It’s the word of the year. A word that’s tested and refined our faith. It’s been painful at times, but a true gift from God.

Where is Diligence needed in your life?

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