Our Core Values

Contributed by: Julie Steck

Values are at the core of our company. These values fuel every process we carry out. From a smiling voice that answers the phone to a prompt, warm greeting when you walk through the door, we desire our actions and interactions to honor God.


How exactly do we do that?

  • We continually refine our business process to eliminate any wasteful use of resources God has given us.
  • We value our Team Members and their unique gifts. We try our best to match those gifts to correlating job descriptions, ensuring you, the customer, get top notch customer service with a high quality end product.
  • We pray as a company. We pray about the needs of our existing Team, for new Team Members, and that we would serve both our existing and future customers well.

Build Dreams isn’t just a slogan for us. We whole-heartedly believe people have a dream behind the actual structure they seek to build. Our role is to play a part in making that dream a reality.

It may be a garage with an old car that connects you to your grandfather. Or the red barn that reminds you of your first horse lesson as a child that you want to pass down to your children.

Whatever structure you seek to build, the dream behind it isn’t just about the building its self or the custom accessories you can add. It’s much more than that.

Recently, we built a metal building for a young dad, and after all the color scheme and layout specifics were discussed, we discovered the real reason for this building. He wanted a place to raise show calves with his son. Except at the time, his son was only 9 months old.

We never know what kind of memory or vision is attached to one of our buildings, but we desire to draw that purpose out – to give feet to your vision.

As you choose us to carry out that dream, we commit to doing all we can so you enjoy the process along the way.

From beginning to end, we strive to honor God in every aspect of our business, specifically through all our small actions in the office and our interactions out in the field.

What do you dream about? Are you ready to see that come to life?

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