Benefits of Choosing a Well-Rooted Brand

When I grab an apple off the kitchen counter to accompany my morning breakfast, that apple’s history is not on my mind. I’m not thinking about what state or country the apple originated from, where the apple orchard was located, or if it’s organic or GMO processed. At the moment, I’m just hungry and want an apple.

You aren’t exactly looking for an apple, but you are looking for someone to build a metal building or barn. You’ve dreamed of it for years. You may not be overly concerned with the fabrication process, where the plant is located or even the grade of metal that is used. You just need a barn and the quicker your horses can move in, the better.

But that apple tells a story you want to consider before buying your metal from just any company.

Before an apple tree is ready to produce juicy and delicious apples , there’s a process it must go through. That process takes about 5 years for the tree to grow roots deep enough to handle the weight of the apples. If the process is rushed, the apple that I grab for my breakfast won’t taste good and I won’t want to buy any more apples from that particular brand.

A good farmer understands this 5 year process and so does a good business man.

The farmer will even prune the buds so premature growth doesn’t steal from the formation of the roots beneath the soil. Deep roots are essential to any apple tree.

These roots must grow deep and wide under the soil in order to sustain the growth and weight of the apples. If the roots aren’t deep enough, the tree will topple over under the weight of a good harvest.

Spring is a rapid growth time for these roots. When the tree buds, the roots stop growing. All the energy and nutrients are spent making leaves and fruit. So in young trees, the buds are stopped to ensure the roots have time to grow strong.

In summer, the tree dedicates its full attention to growing fruit. To do that, the roots stop growing. Because of the heat and the weight of the apples, this is the make it or break it time for the tree. If the tree has built a strong root system, it will survive. If it hasn’t then the tree becomes stressed.

Every business has its spring time; those times products fly off the shelves. Hopefully, the company spent time on its root system of customer service and timely execution. If the company hasn’t strengthened its root system, it will topple over from the demand.

In fall and winter, the tree enters an important dormant stage. On the outside it looks like nothing is happening, but under the soil the roots continue to grow slow and steady. This ensures good anchorage for the tree for years to come.

There are companies out there who want to sell fruit during the spring and summer growing times but haven’t gone through the growth seasons of fall and winter. Those seasons that, on the outside, appear dormant and fruitless prove to be most essential to the health of the tree.

There’s more packed into that single apple than I thought. How it grows does matter to the quality of my breakfast.

And, there’s more packed into your dream barn as well.


Here at AmeriStall, we are thankful for our roots that enable us to provide quality products and services to you without uprooting our integrity.

AmeriStall has been around for 19 years and our roots are deep.

We offer high quality, dependable products customized around your dream for a horse barn.

We know you’ve carefully designed a barn for years, waiting on the day for that to be a reality.

We want to help that dream become a reality.

Our process is simple.

Dream. Design. Build. Live.

There’s a reason why that process begins and ends with YOU as the focal point.

It’s YOUR DREAM that we want to help YOU LIVE.


When you decide to build your dream barn, consider AmeriStall Horse Barns a partner in fulfilling those dreams.


Contributed By: Julie Steck

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