How Well Does Your Builder Execute the Basics?

Contributed by: Adam and Julie Steck


Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi began each new season with the reminder of, “Gentlemen, this, is a football”.

He understood that you can never underestimate the power and importance of the basics. For the fact is, you can have a book full of trick plays but if you don’t block and tackle, the trick plays don’t amount to anything. That’s what they are: trick plays.

Business isn’t football, but there are some basics that seasonally need to be re-stated. Making sure our company runs those basic plays well ensures you, the customer, will receive a great product with excellent customer service. And that is our goal.

The basic blocking and tackling drills that Southwest Metal Systems and Ameristall Horse Barns are committed to executing are:

Quality Product. Quality Service. Every Time.

We know there are many places to buy metal building materials. So why buy from us?

Let some of our recent returning customers tell the story.

Over the last couple months we’ve had several contract customers that had left us because of pricing, return. They chased the price, chased the price, chased the price and realized it actually cost them money on the back end.

The only way we could cut price was to cut customer service. That’s just not something owner, Adam Steck, is willing to compromise on. He’s willing to go out of business on that standpoint.

“If we go out of business because we’re not willing to compromise on our customer service, then so be it. The Lord will show us something else to do,” Adam stated.

quality service

The other companies who promised this superb product, good customer service and ridiculously low pricing couldn’t perform.

Adam says, “You get what you pay for. If you want high quality and high service it’s going to cost money. It takes money to produce that.”

The other companies our returning customers came from weren’t there when they said they’d be there. They didn’t deliver the quality they said they’d deliver. These men pulled up to pick up an order and found a shop full of people who could care less if they were there or not. They didn’t value them as a customer.

So that’s why they came back.

Adam says the pricing that was thrown out there was just a trick play.


“These companies out there aren’t doing the basic blocking and tackling. If they were, they couldn’t afford to give that pricing.”

Adam wants to reiterate to you, the customer, that there’s a true cost of doing business. If someone gives you a price for a building, what are they including? What are they not including? What are they telling you? What are they not telling you?

Here’s what we want to know -

What’s your purpose?

What’s your dream?

What are your true needs?

We are here to come along-side you and make those dreams a reality. We promise to deliver a quality product and provide you with excellent customer service to get the job done right.

Every time.

To read more of Adam and Julie's story, you can follow Julie on her blog at .

To read more of Adam and Julie's story, you can follow Julie on her blog at