A Company of Influence

Contributed by: Jennifer Riley

AmeriStall Horse Barns is a company built on a purposeful foundation. Not only do we strive to provide great product and services, we want to be a Company of Influence. We understand these buildings are not just hollow structures of steel and pine, they're places where Joy and Dreams come alive.

Amy and Champ

Amy and Champ

We want to share a couple of those life-changing stories today!

We love to hear stories of big dreams becoming tangible and fulfilling lifestyles.

Having a place to facilitate your dream can mean EVERYTHING.

For Amy, it became "More Than a Daydream"...

Read her story HERE



One more story before you go...

Engelnook Farm: Tish's Story

Tish owns Engelnook Farm, a small boarding farm in Massachusetts and she is also the proud owner of an AmeriStall horse barn.

She wrote letting us know how well her barn has held up for the past 16 years. Her raised center aisle horse barn stood strong when neighboring barns buckled under the weight of heavy ice and snow.

Read her full letter HERE.

I am just writing to say “Thank you”, again. I was looking to build my dream barn. I found it through AmeriStall.

At the time I was looking to build 16 years ago, there were no AmeriStall barns more north than Maryland. I technically bought my barn site unseen and on the word of your salesman...the best thing I ever did.