4 Tips for Planning Your Dream Barn

Contributed by: Dan Seitz & Jennifer Riley

Knowing your options is the first step to building your dream barn. We're not a cookie cutter manufacturer. We pride ourselves on giving you choices when designing your metal building


When you are in the designing stages of planning your barn:

  1.  Pick the size, style and options you like and get some budget numbers from the manufacturers. 

  2. Here is an important point: TAKE YOUR TIME.  Do not rush and do not be rushed by a manufacturer wanting to get your deposit. 

  3. Make all your changes on paper in the planning process because it is more difficult and also more costly to make changes after construction starts. 

  4. Go see a display barn or some of the barns they built for their customers, referrals are important because if they did a good job for someone else they will typically do a good job for you. 

AmeriStall barns fit into the prefab barn category, and our barns require a concrete foundation. For all of our interior framing we use Gator Shield® galvanized tubing, and all of our welds are primed with a galvanizing primer and painted. On the exterior sheeting we use an Energy Star® 26 ga metal PBR panel that we manufacture in a number of colors. This panel also is class 4 impact UL listed and has a 40 year color warranty. We give our barns the warmth of wood with a #1 Hand Select Southern Yellow pine that we have milled specially for us. Insulation is available in the roof of the barn and is a good way to keep your horses cool in the heat of the summer and warmer in those cold winter days. We manufacture almost every part and accessory in our barns so we can control how the parts are made. We don’t cut corners...because we only build barns that we would trust and use for ourselves.
— Dan Seitz, Project Manager
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See all of our different barn styles HERE.

Raised Center Aisle     

Straight Gable  

Paddocks     Shed Row

Equestrian Event Center



After you have chosen your Barn Style and your Colors, it's time to design your barn with the options in mind. Here is a list of our exterior options


  • UV-Resistant Skylights 
  • Swing-out Feeders 
  • Hay Racks
  • Yoke Grill/Standard Grill
  • Sliding stall doors
  • Interior Electric/Lighting


  • Exterior Sliding Doors with Crossbuck Trim
  • Swing-Out Windows with Crossbuck Trim
  • Gutters & Downspouts
  • Exterior Lighting 
  • Wainscoting
  • Additional Paddocks

Do you still have questions?

You can leave your questions in the comments or email us at barns@southwest-metal.com