Total Trust

Contributed by: Windy Griffith, Rebel Barrel Horses

 Photo Courtesy: Windy Griffith, Rebel Barrel Horses

Photo Courtesy: Windy Griffith, Rebel Barrel Horses

I wanted to share my experience of finding “Total Trust” and how training horses helped me learn some much-needed life lessons. In my life’s journey so far with Rebel Barrel Horses, I have had many highs and lows. Anytime you have uncontrollable variables in life while running a business, it makes for stressful times. Keeping trust in the “Bigger Plan” is very hard at times. Learning the very important lesson of knowing my plans did not fail but it was all part of the bigger plan was very hard to understand at times. I am grateful everything has a way of working itself out, especially when you cannot foresee it. It always does! What it took was finding a real “Trust” in God!

This brings me to the riders out there struggling with a horse or those who have hit a roadblock and feel you just cannot do any better. I know it’s hard to keep your head up and keep trying to find what will help you and your horse overcome a setback.

I was just recently told that my good horse, who has struggled with many setbacks due to a bad fall a few years ago, will need many months to heal. I had spent lots of money, time and sleepless nights trying to figure out why we kept having issues. Now, I feel we have found the answer to all the issues. but it's not the answer I wanted to hear. That's for sure!

At that time, I had two choices. I could get upset or I could look at the bigger picture. In all honesty, I was upset at first. In my mind, I kept hearing this little voice whispering “Bigger Picture”... “Look at the Bigger Picture”. This just happened weeks ago. So, I don’t know what is in God’s plans for me while she is off, but I have found peace with it. I have chosen the path of “Trust”.

Training, competing and having horses on any level can be challenging and some times heart breaking. Everyone will struggle with the lows of competition and the work of having horses, in general. However, having horses has been such a blessing in my life because I feel that it is my window to God’s teachings, and here lately the lesson has been about trust.

 Photo Courtesy: Windy Griffith, Rebel Barrel Horses

Photo Courtesy: Windy Griffith, Rebel Barrel Horses

Horses never really let us down if you really think about it. They are honest. They never lie and they're pure of heart. This horse has won a World Championship, but the most important thing this mare has done for me is open my mind to what a wonderful thing “Trust” can be. God’s plan is really there. I can say I Trust that it is now…

This has also opened my eyes to see his plan in other aspects of my life, too.

In that, it’s not just about winning and making money, but how God can use horses to teach us how to live a better life with trust and faith. I hope this opens a door to your journey, too!  

Windy Griffith is a Two Time Reserve World Champion Barrel Racer and Pole Bender. 

She is a Professional Trainer and Clinician with almost 20 years of experience. 

Her mission is to help others reach their own goals in Competition and Horsemanship. 


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