Choose to Be Successful

Contributed by: Windy Griffith

How do you choose to be successful? How is that a choice?

It has taken me a long time to learn that being successful is a choice we have to make on our own. Working harder each day to become a winner is a choice. Being willing to listen and learn is a choice. Being willing to make a sacrifice is a choice.

I would like to share a little of my own story to give you some examples of how choosing to be successful can help you reach your own dreams.

Starting out in my discipline, I was not blessed with a top horse or even a horse that should have been as successful as he was.

I had to choose at a very young age to devote my time to working hard to bring up that horse to his potential talent. I chose to work hard, no matter what.

Hard work will pay off. Hard work will put tools in your knowledge toolbox.

Then, there is the choice to listen and learn.

You don’t always have to agree or accept the offers of others, but I would encourage you to listen with the mindset of possibly learning something new. I found help by listening and learning from a man outside of my own discipline and it has changed my whole concept of training. I feel I can always learn from someone in unlikely places.

God puts opportunities in your path, you just have to be willing and humble to take them. I want to thank that man every day for opening my eyes to a new concept of training. With that being said, keep an open mind and find inspiration every day!

 Photo Courtesy: Windy Griffith, Rebel Barrel Horses

Photo Courtesy: Windy Griffith, Rebel Barrel Horses

Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made.

By this I mean, if you set a goal to be at the top of your industry, you will need a top horse. Not every horse you start out with will be the horse to get you to the top.

It’s very hard to think of selling a horse to achieve a dream, but sometimes you have a horse that you have gone as far as you can with.

Then, it’s time to sacrifice our love for that horse to step up to the next level. But, think of how that horse could help another. It’s just part of the journey of reaching your dreams. Think of the blessing that horse could be to another.

The hardest choice you will be faced with is choosing to accept that there is a time chosen for you to reach your dreams. It is hardly ever on our timetable. I believe we have to acquire puzzle pieces aka “Knowledge”. Every time we learn something new or achieve a little success - that is just another piece of the puzzle. One day, you will have all your pieces to complete your puzzle and reach your dream.

God has a plan and knows our dreams. He is just making sure when we achieve our dream we know how to handle the success and prepare us for even more than we could ever imagine.

Choosing to be patient and accepting the challenges and not being discouraged is the hardest choice you will make. So, keep in mind that being successful is a choice and that there is a pre-existent time that has been set aside just for you and your dreams.


Windy Griffith is a Two Time Reserve World Champion Barrel Racer and Pole Bender. She is a Professional Trainer and Clinician with almost 20 years of experience. Her mission is to help others reach their own goals in Competition and Horsemanship. 

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