Indoor Storage Options

For many, the best part of having a really great barn is having a place for everything to be stored and protected from the elements. We wanted to show you some of the options we make available to give you the storage you need and the functionality that proves itself on busy days.

You can include a window in your tack room to bring in more natural light. 


A revolving tack room door can be added as an option to make your tack easily accessible.

Depending on the number of stalls you want included in your barn layout, you can have an equipment storage space across from the tack room that allows you to bring equipment in and out more easily.


Some barn owners create lots of space by customizing a barn plan and layout that allows for grooming, saddling, and taking a water break.

You can see that the raised center aisle horse barn allows a lot more light to come in, in contrast to other barns that require more electrical lighting. We can make your storage space a place that can serve many functions. Ask us how by calling 1 (888) 234-BARN.