Chad's Training a Zebra: Part 1

Contributed By: Jennifer Riley

Chad Brinlee, of Bombproof Horsemanship, is currently domesticating and training a zebra! Her name is "Zoe" and she will be spending a lot of time with Chad over the coming weeks.

We have seen Chad do what many would believe to be impossible with horses, but this time it's different.

This is his first zebra to train, but he is excited to see the results as he also teaches others about the trainability of these African animals. Zoe was 10 months old when he started training her, so they are starting from the ground up. 


Chad Says, "Day 1 with "Zoe" went great! We had to work on getting her to except the halter and basic moving away from pressure. She is not aggressive in the least and fairly trustworthy too. Really looking forward to day 2 to find out how much she retains from today's lesson!" (


Do you have questions about the art of domesticating a zebra? 

What do you think the main differences are in a horse and a zebra? 

What do you want to know about their trainability in comparison to horses? 


You can ask your questions and join the discussion in the comments below.


Chad will address and answer these questions and more in "Chad's Training a Zebra: Part 2."

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and the blog for updates on how things are going.                              

We can't wait to see how Zoe does!

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