Jesse and Diana's Backyard Barn

An Interview with Diana

Contributed by: Jennifer Riley


Jesse and Diana are AmeriStall dealers in Tennessee. Diana loves to compete in barrel racing events and Jesse enjoys English riding.

As AmeriStall barn owners, they appreciate the features and stability of their steel horse barn.

They both lead very busy lives and having the reassurance that their horses are safe and secure gives them the peace of mind they needed. 

We recently interviewed Diana by asking her a few questions you may find helpful.                   

During our interview, we asked her questions about her AmeriStall barn experience. We learned more about her personally and what her life as a barn owner looks like. 

Rotating Tack Wall - Rotating

Rotating Tack Wall - Rotating


Diana, what are your favorite barn features?   "My favorite barn feature would definitely have to be the Rotating Tack Wall...just for the convenience.

I have really long days. So, when I come home from work, being able to just swing the door to the center aisle is super helpful. It cuts down on the lifting and carrying of tack from some other room in the barn. It is just so easy...

One of our stalls has a Swing-Out Feeder. It is convenient because when my father-in-law is unable to care for our horses as usual, we can simply fill the feeders and then all our help has to do is swing the feeder in at the appropriate time."

Jesse and Diana's Swing-Out Feeder

Jesse and Diana's Swing-Out Feeder

When did you start competing?                    "My mom would borrow the neighbor's pony for me to ride when I was 6 months old, but I really started riding around 4 years old. I was actually born in England and that is where it all started for me. I started riding English and doing the pony club. When we moved to the U.S., I took lessons forever and continued to ride English. I competed with that at 8 years old and then we moved to a different part of Tennessee when I was 9. Close to our new house, there was a saddle club and everyone rode western there. I eventually picked up on it and went on to learn western. I still only ride western and I barrel race now. When I compete, it's me and Bully, my sorrel. I have another horse that is trained, but not what they call 'seasoned'. He is not ready to compete."

What does your life look like right now?          "I have my doctorate in Physical Therapy and I work full time in that field. I barrel race for fun and I am also a Fitness Coach and Instructor."

What about your husband? What does his life look like right now?                                           "He owns a construction company, a property management company, and he has been riding since childhood. In his early 20's, he started showing Tennessee Walking Horses, but he doesn't compete much anymore.

Is there anything about your barn or the installation process you wish you would have known beforehand?                                          No. We are completely happy with how our barn turned out. It is a perfect fit for us.




Here is a video of Jesse and Diana's Backyard Barn.

How about you? What kind of barn or facility would fit your lifestyle and hobbies?