Communicating a Lasting Dream

Written By: Julie Steck

Think about what’s in your pocket or purse and see if you can count how many different forms of communication you have access to. Five or six different ways maybe? We’ve got phone calls, text messages, Google talk, Facebook, Facebook messaging, FaceTime, Instagram, Twitter, email, LinkedIn, Google+, and I know I’m missing plenty. Lose count? That’s 11! 

 We are definitely not lacking in ways of communicating. Why is it then that we still find our self struggling to connect and left in the dark on pertinent information? 

It’s hard to communicate as husband and wife. The husband asks a simple question, his wife takes his question to imply something totally different, and an argument follows. Or the wife pours her heart out to her husband on a text message that he reads while talking with a co-worker and simply responds, “k”. No good. Why? Because we’re different people. To widen the circle, we add in kids and how they communicate. Then, widening it again we add extended family. Finally, we add to that a business, full of people not connected through the bloodline, all trying to effectively accomplish a set purpose.

Communication. Let’s face it – it’s tricky, yet essential. 

The core of communication is all about setting proper expectations.  

I think we all long for people to just be upfront with us about the situation. Our CEO, Adam Steck, has a visual description that he calls doing life in a round room. In this room there are no corners. No corners means there’s no place to hide. There’s not even a time-out corner! You are now forced to drag it all out and dump it in the middle of the room. Yes, that also means everyone gets to look at your stuff, and on the flip side, you can look at theirs, too. 

Adam’s philosophy is no matter how bad, embarrassing or ugly the “thing” is, it’s much easier to deal with it when you call it for what it is. So much time is wasted trying to hide this “thing”, cover for it and talk in codes to prevent others knowing about it. We all feel the weight lifted off our backpacks when we just say it like it is.

Adam appreciates it when that is done to him – both personally and in business. He also makes it a priority and a practice to do that to others.

If an order can’t be finished in the timeframe stated, he wants you, as the customer, to know. He also doesn’t say, “The check’s in the mail,” until it literally is. He talks openly with his Team Members sharing with them what hurdles are coming up. He highlights a job done right and offers encouragement in the areas that need extra effort to close the gap. 

Whether it’s good, bad or ugly, it doesn’t just go away. Adam says, “When in doubt, over communicate.” We naturally default to worse case scenarios when left unspoken to. Effective communication involves understanding we all make mistakes, yet strives to still achieve a perfect effort in the process.

So how does this benefit you the customer?  We hope you see this through our quality products and over and above customer service. We don’t hide anything in fine print at the bottom of the page. We are who we say we are. We hope that communicates to you from the voice on the other end of the receiver to the demeanor of our Team Members when they meet with you. We’re not perfect, but we’ll do our best to make it right and commit to be truthful in the process. 

While there are many ways to contact us, we strive to give quality communication over quantity of communication so that we can properly come along side as you seek to build your dream.