Moore's Customized Miniature Horse Barn

This raised center aisle backyard barn was built with miniature horses in mind. The stalls are tailored to the height of a miniature horse or donkey. It also features a solid copper cupola and flattering custom siding and wainscot colors chosen by the customer. We are happy to make adjustments and add custom features for our barn owners to make their dream a reality.

Barn Specs: 

This particular barn is 36 x 48 with a 12 x 36 side porch. It has 4 stalls and a 12 x 24 tack room.

These stalls are customized to house miniature horses and donkeys. As you can tell, they will be able to  easily see through the grill at their level. These stalls also feature exit doors to the outside for easy access to a pasture or corral. 

Because sometimes life calls for a little 

less than standard living options.