Engelnook Farm - Tish's Story

Contributed By: Jennifer Riley

Tish owns a small boarding farm in Massachusetts and she is also the proud owner of an AmeriStall horse barn.  She wrote us recently to let us know how well her barn is holding up 16 years later...

Engelnook Farm in the Spring

Engelnook Farm in the Spring

"We are a bit different from most farms in the area. Most of the animals here have been rescued from unwanted or neglectful situations. Our residents at this time include horses, chickens, dogs, cats, llamas & a donkey. Although we are unable to rescue any more animals we do not turn our backs on those we have. They live at the farm where they receive the care and love they deserve."  -Tish

Winter 2014-15 Rochester, MA

Winter 2014-15 Rochester, MA

In Tish's letter, she writes: 

Hi All,

I am just writing to say ‘Thank you’ again. Sixteen years ago (1999) I was looking to build my dream barn. I found it through Ameristall.

I am sorry to say I forgot who my salesman was at the time (I think he was an owner) but I do need to say – dealing with your company has left a lasting impression. To this day I cannot speak highly enough of your company, service and most of all your barns. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to build.

My name is Tish and I own Engelnook Farm, a small boarding farm, in Rochester, MA. At the time I was looking to build, there were no Ameristall barns more north than Maryland. I technically bought my barn site unseen and on the word of your salesman... the best thing I ever did. I ordered a raised center aisle 36 x 60 barn. I loved building my barn online and picking the style, size, color, and options. The price at the time beat any other steel buildings from our area, so I decided to place my order. Four weeks later the barn arrived on a flat bed truck and I had my contractor build it. The entire process was so easy I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I had the need for another barn. After my barn was built you used it to ‘show’ other potential barn owners what your barns were like and I know of a few that have since been built locally.

My point behind this history is this... Here in New England, this year has been a record year for weather, snow, and wind. Every time I hear of yet more snow I cringe. I turn on the news and there have sadly been so many barn collapses in the area. I can only think of how lucky I have been with my Ameristall barn. The snow is blowing around outside and once I get inside and close the door it feels safe and secure with all the horses comfortable in their large stalls. I see the snow on the roof and it is built in such a way that it slides off almost daily. Over the years, it has been virtually maintenance free. I (and my boarders) love my barn. Thank you – for such a safe and beautiful barn.

Anyway – long story just to say ‘thank you’.

Keep up the good work!

- Tish, Engelnook Farm