AmeriStall Horse Stalls

Ameristall Horse Stalls One of the most unique stalls in the industry, AmeriStall Stalls are comprised of a stall front, two divider panels, and a back panel.

Our stall fronts stand 7'6" tall and include a sliding door on a track and trolley system. Stall front construction is galvanized steel and galvanized vertical grills for the top half of the stall front are included.

AmeriStall divider panels and back panels stand 7'6" tall and are also galvanized steel construction. An additional support beam (back to back 12 ga. c-channels) is included in the middle of the frame.

We offer standard 10', 12', and 14' stall panels. We can custom make additional sizes. Our stalls are modular and can be incorporated into an existing structure, or can stand on their own.

We include all necessary hardware. Lumber packages consisting of 2" x 8" Tongue and Groove Untreated #1 Southern Yellow Pine are available to complete your AmeriStall Stall.

We have many options for your stall including drop doors, divider grills, feed doors with and without corner-mounted hayracks, swing-out feeders with hayrack and feed tub, Dutch doors, and stall windows.
Dutch Doors
Stalls DutchDoors These 41"x 86" doors are an attractive and highly functional option for your stall. The top half can open, and be secured back, to increase ventilation. Or the entire door can be opened, and allow your horse access to the outside. We also offer "fake" Dutch Doors. These are 41"x 86" flat panels that simply screw on to the outside of your building or barn. They are less expensive than operable Dutch Doors, but maintain the look you want. Operable Dutch Doors are available on horse barns only and fake Dutch Doors are available on horse barns and metal buildings.
Divider Grills
Stalls GrillOptions Divider grills are galvanized vertical grills that go on the stall divider panel to allow your horses to see each other and to increase ventilation throughout the barn. They are available in half the width of the divider panel, so you can choose whether you want grills on the front or back half of the panel, or you can purchase two to allow the full top half of the divider panel to be grilled. This option is available on Horse Barns only.
Swing-Out Style Stall Windows
Stalls SwingOutStyleWindows These horse-safe windows measure 3' x 3' and have stylish cross-buck trim. You can add stationary grills that allow ventilation, but do not allow your horse access to the outside. This option is available on both AmeriStall Horse Barns and AmeriSteel Metal Buildings.
Feeder Options
Stalls FeederOptions Feeders are installed in place of the 28" grilled section of the stall front in AmeriStall Horse Barns. This section will be located on the opposite side of which ever way your stall door slides. Feed doors with and without a corner mounted hayrack provide access to the stall during feedings. Our swing-out feeders swivel from the inside of the stall into the alleyway, and lock into place, so you can easily feed from the alley. These feeders include a standard hayrack and a feed tub. These options are available on AmeriStall Horse Barns only.
Lumber Packages
Stalls LumberPackages Consisting of 2"x8" tongue and groove, V-joint, center matched, untreated #1 Southern Yellow Pine, these packages are available for each barn size we offer. The wood lines the stalls, utilities, and other areas of the barn to protect the horse from kicking metal and to enclose the space. If customers prefer they may purchase lumber independently since our panel channels will accommodate any 2" dimensional wood.